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Zombies on the White House Lawn, Bugs and Bullet in Seattle, Yes Watson's a woman, End Game: Three women riding f'cking dragons, Dwarves... fraternizing... with Elves, Guy with a Shine Job, The Peggster, Kittehs, One Very Specific Pokemon, Origin of #SmartGirlPorn.

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keep walking, this person is mine -Eye in the Dark aka Norman Reedus cat owo.



TWD fan artists, check this out - Forever Dreaming is doing a contest for 2 weekend passes to Walker Stalker ATL!

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*whispers…C a r o l …*

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Ryan, Lizzie and Mika were in Woodbury before they came to the prison. Unbeknownst to her dad, Lizzie (and sometimes Mika as well) used to sneak out at night to watch the walker/human wrestling match, Lizzie was fascinated by the adults “playing” with the walkers. 

This is plausible! I doubt Mika would have done it more than once because I doubt she would have like it.